Choose between our Signature Lydan gift box packaging and Minimal packaging option when viewing your cart before checkout. Both packaging options are complimentary. 
Your order will be beautifully wrapped in signature Lydan the Label gift boxes.            
 For a more eco-friendly option or if you do not wish to receive our gift boxes, please select the 'Minimal packaging' option when proceeding to checkout. Your order will still be carefully wrapped in tissue paper and protected in an outer box to get to you safely. 
If an order is a gift, you can write a complimentary gift message which we will include in the order.

Although we encourage you to repurpose our beautiful packaging, if you do not wish to keep it then please recycle, all gift boxes are recyclable. 

We aim to do our best to minimise our impact on the environment, and are always looking for ways to improve our packaging. That is why we offer different packing options to suit each customers needs. We will keep our customers informed if we make any changes.
- Love the Lydan Team